Terms of Use
Restricted Web Sites None
Report of Use Unnecessary. Please download freely.
Alteration No restriction. Any alteration is possible.
Do not mix the free graphics of Kigen with materials provided by other web sites to create one image or on the same page.
Re-distribution No restriction (e.g. to distribute CG used our materials)
Link back No obligation.
When you link to this site, Self-Link to [my favorite links ] are strongly recommended. We would definitely welcome your link back.

Link Banners on the page of Links are available.

Web Master is [GraphicShop Kigen].
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Rewarded Works Limiting to temporal and nonprofit purposes, our [Free GraphicsÓ]are offered to non-business oriented individuals and groups without charging royalty.
e.g. Invitation cards of friendŐs wedding used our Free Graphics were unexpectedly rewarded.
Any profitable use is to be charged. Please inquire us about charge that is changed depending on means of use at MailForm.
Publicity Kindly give us previous notice of publication .
Pornographic books are excluded.
Order Made-to-order service is temporarily unavailable.
Others No Image or illustration without indication of [Free Graphics] is available.
Prohibited items are images and illustrations at Gallery, on Top Page, PowerBookG4 on the top page of Materials, and new works in Monitor.
(Some may be available. Please ask for permission by E-mail .)